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I hope you get some sleep as soon as possible! D:

It’s good. I just woke up from a small nap. I’m gonna be okay!


do you ever cook something in the microwave but it’s still really cold in the middle and you just keep eating it instead of heating it longer because life is pointless and entropy is unavoidable and the universe is filled with callous and casual destruction

I’d like to add that I meant 3:30pm YESTERDAY. So practically 24 hours of no sleep, ah haaaa…

I have not slept since 3:30pm so here are some works in progress I have been working on (Mokou, Mother group picture) along with some NEW DRAWINGS (Porky, Picky & James) I’ve started just this morning.

Porky looks so… kind of…
✧♡✧*¨*.¸°KAWAII DESU NEEEEE♬° ✧❥✧¸.•*¨*✧♡✧
-Meanwhile Picky needs to watch that smile of his because it’s beginning to be reminiscent of his brother’s.

It also deeply frustrates me that I can never draw James Sunderland in a way I find satisfactory and it pisses me the hell off because he’s best Silent Hill character.





bishck ifunut




when a natural disaster happens to a country and people draw fanart of that hetalia character in pain



It’s too early but I laughed louder than I should have


this website annoys me on a very deep level but where else will I get my attention


Hayao Miyazaki’s advice on how to use transparent watercolors in the booklet of the Ghibli Museum Sketching Set.

Title: My recommendation. Transparent watercolor is good.

"transparent watercolor has a strong habit", "do not paint stickily and paint after wiping the extra paint and water off", "paint thinly the bright part", "had better not use white", "paint other color after under color has dried", "let’s mix the color and use it."

Light the wool which protrudes on a new painting brush.
Anything is fine for a water vessel.
A retractable knife is enough for the pencil sharpener.
One 2B pencil is enough for the pencil.
Divide the palette into seven zones: Bright, Dark, Black, Green 1, Green 2, Blue 2, Blue 1.
Do not use the eraser.
Do not draw a guideline for a picture.

"these painting materials are enough for a 2-week trip and preparations for a movie."

Found this on along with the news that the new Takahata and Miyazaki Ghibli films for next summer are expected be announced this week!